ODI Leeds

What is ODI Leeds? What does it do?

Our missions

  • create a place where people from all sectors/backgrounds can come together to be creative, innovative, and collaborative. We want to be inclusive, vibrant, and most importantly, fun for all.
  • encourage the people of Leeds (and beyond) to engage and innovate with open data. Ask questions, find answers. Look at problems from new perspectives then build solutions.

Our story

ODI Leeds started back in November 2013, just a year after The Open Data Institute was founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt. By May 2014, we settled in to Munro House in the heart of Leeds and were ready to get stuck in. Now 5 years later we are still here, still eager, still innovating and excited about the next 5 years - come join in it will be fun.

Our network

Pioneer nodes bring together communities, host events, produce open data projects and help promote understanding of open data in our region and worldwide, you can become part of our network by:

How is ODI Leeds funded?

ODI Leeds is an independent not-for-profit organisation funded by sponsors from local authorities, government, commercial, and academia, who all believe in the power of open data to drive social, economic, and environmental change.

Income is currently derived from sponsorship, support-in-kind, co-working and workspace hire, and events. All income is put straight back into ODI Leeds - paying for the rent/maintenance of the space, the staff's wages, new equipment, etc - to ensure the best possible experience and expertise for everyone who uses the space or services.