Merry Christmas: Everyone

It's the time of year to be merry. Enjoy some comedy perhaps? Our very own data-bod Stuart has, in his spare time, collated data on UK comedy panel shows. The data are open (and on Github) and currently consist of 26,445 appearances across 4,724 episodes. With so much data it is possible to look for interesting trends. Everyone likes a laugh but not everyone is included. The data show how the percentage of women on comedy panel shows has changed over 50 years. Only 1 episode has been all women. 1,488 episodes have been all male. 202 episodes have been equal or majority women. Thankfully, things are improving with more funny women in comedy. We can also look at the age of panelists using birth dates from Wikipedia and see the age gap between TV and radio shows.

Interactive explorer of gender on comedy panel shows (hover over the points to see information about each episode)