Litter Donkey

Keep Britain tidy. Although there aren't data sets about the volume of litter (as far as we know), local councils provide data on fixed penalty notices given out to people (and, potentially, donkeys) caught littering. Calderdale have a dataset on fixed penalty notices and Leeds have a dataset on dog fouling penalty notices. Diving into the data shows us that the majority of littering offences in Calderdale involve people dropping cigarette or cigar ends (93%), and dog fouling offences in Leeds peaked in 2015.

It is always best to take your litter home and dispose of it there. You will need to remember to put your bin out for collection and our Head of Technical Challenges, Tom Forth, has created a bin app to give reminders of bin collection days and provide advice on recycling. The app makes use of open data published on Data Mill North. If you want Tom to make one for your city, get in touch.