Northernlands 2 - Schedule

Monday 6 July 2020

Morning - Open Data Saves Lives

TimeSpeaker(s)Talk title & summary
10:00Paul Connell & Lieke Conijn"Welcome to Northernlands 2"
Paul Connell of ODI Leeds and Lieke Conijn of the Embassy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes you to the first day of Northernlands 2.
10:05Brechje Schwachöfer"Interview with acting Ambassador for The Kingdom of the Netherlands"
Paul Connell asks Brechje about the innovation and the openness needed to tackle challenges in health
10:15Ben Goldacre"In conversation with..."
Paul Connell & Marc Farr chat with Ben Goldacre, asking him about Open Prescribing and his latest piece of work on Open Safely
10:50Emma Vestesson"Open analytics at the Health Foundation"
Why collaboration and working in the open is important in health and beyond
11:10Emma Vestesson"Q&A"
11:20Tea/Coffee Break
11:25Barend Mons"The FAIR guiding principles in times of crisis"
Professor Barend Mons, who founded GO FAIR and is President of CODATA, will share the principles of FAIR
11:45Jeni Tennison and ODI HQ"Standards in an emergency"
Jeni Tennison from the ODI talks about the need for data standards, not just during a crisis but looking beyond that crisis to the future
12:15Jeni Tennison and ODI HQ"Q&A"
12:25David Egan"Open Data Can Save Lives; If You Have the Tools to Mine It"
Core Life Analytics
12:45David Egan"Q&A"
Closing the morning session of Northernlands 2

Afternoon - Responsible Data Collaboration

TimeSpeaker(s)Talk title & summary
14:00"Welcome to Northernlands 2: Responsible Data Collaboration"
Welcome and Introductions
14:05Brechje Schwachöfer"Interview with acting Ambassador for The Kingdom of the Netherlands"
Paul Connell asks Brechje about the importance of acting responsibly with data
14:10Leigh Dodds"Why is collaboration around data important in 2020 and beyond?"
Leigh Dodds shares his knowledge and experience about data collaboration
14:30Leigh Dodds"Q&A"
14:48Sander van der Waal"How to empower citizens through collective measurement of their environment"
15:08Tea/Coffee Break
15:15Stefania Milan"Four principles for a responsible data collaboration"
15:40Stian Westlake"Responsible data collaboration"
16:00Stian Westlake"Q&A"

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Morning - Mobility in Modern Cities

TimeSpeaker(s)Talk title & summary
10:00Paul Connell"Welcome to Northernlands 2: Mobility in Modern Cities"
Welcome and introductions
10:05Brechje Schwachöfer"Interview with acting Ambassador for The Kingdom of the Netherlands"
Paul Connell asks Brechje about transport and mobility, where the Netherlands are a shining light for those who love sustainable travel
10:20Catriona Swanson"Low traffic neighbourhoods: enabling a sustainable recovery"
What has the coronavirus crisis taught us about rapid infrastructure changes that encourage different travel behaviours
10:30Catriona Swanson"Q&A"
10:35Jack Hardinges"Do cities have access to the private sector data they need?"
Jack Hardinges, who leads on the 'data institutions' progamme at the ODI, explores the current state of data access in cities
11:00Jack Hardinges"Q&A"
11:10"Tea/coffee break"
Tea/Coffee Break
11:20Mieke Masselink"The Smart Mobility Embassy: the gateway to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands"
11:35Mieke Masselink"Q&A"
11:40Bus Open Data team"Bus open data"
The team behind the new bus open data service share some insight about the benefits to data publishers/consumers and how they made it happen, both technically and politically
12:00Bus Open Data team"Q&A"
12:05Giuseppe Sallazzo, Lily Dart and Tom Forth"In conversation..."
Questions and answers about open data projects at the Department for Transport
12:30Giuseppe Sallazzo, Lily Dart and Tom Forth"Q&A"

Afternoon - Social Interaction in a Distanced World

TimeSpeaker(s)Talk title & summary
14:00Paul Connell"Social Interaction in a Distanced World"
Welcome and introduction to the final session
14:05Brechje Schwachöfer"Interview with acting Ambassador for The Kingdom of the Netherlands"
Paul asks Brechje about why we need to maintain social interaction and how emerging tech can help
14:10Mr Gee"A Land of Many Norths"
A poem by Mr Gee
14:15Tom Bridges"Cities can, and will, bounce back"
Tom Bridges explains why cities will still be a hub for productivity but there will be a switch from retail to knowledge as the driving force
14:35Tom Bridges"Q&A"
14:45Tim van Deursen"VR is awesome, especially now"
Can VR resolve ages-old conflict? Can it unite people in neutral environments? Tim says yes and he has some compelling stories to share
15:00Tim van Deursen"Q&A"
15:02"Tea/coffee break"
Tea/Coffee Break
15:15Matt Clancy"The case for remote work"
15:35Matt Clancy"Q&A"
15:55Laura McInerney & Dr Amber Walraven"Teacher Tapp"
Tom Forth interviews Laura McInerney, Founder of Teacher Tapp, and Dr Amber Walraven, Associate Professor at Radboud Academy, about the way that Teacher Tapp engages with teachers, and how the successful app is being rolled out in the Netherlands
16:15Wrap-up and close


Nothernlands 2 is a collaboration between ODI Leeds and The Kingdom of the Netherlands, the start of activity to create, support, and amplify the cultural links between The Netherlands and the North of England. It is with their generous and vigourous support, and the support of other energetic organisations, that Northernlands can be delivered.

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