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#TravelHack2- all about TfN

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Transport for the North has an ambition to create a world class data ecosystem around its Integrated and Smart Travel programme so that it can enable world class digital products for its users and customers. It therefore needs to initiate meaningful engagement with the community of open data users in the North.

By collaborating with an open approach, TfN can catalyse the development of an information solution that helps to deliver TfN's planned customer proposition. They want to engage with open data users/providers, who can then help create the environment that will enable the Northern transport experience of the future, making transport across the North easier and fairer for all.

TfN is an expansive organisation with the Integrated and Smart Travel programme being just one of many projects they are working on. For more information about just who TfN are, what they want to be, and what they are working on, watch the video below.

At #TravelHack, Richard Mason, Information Strategy Manager for TFN, introduced the organisation and their aims for their Integrated and Smart Travel programme. There is an incredible amount of potential to be unlocked in the North but is often held back by infrastructure. For example, public transport like bus and rail is often the second-choice for travelling to/from work, leading to increasing numbers of cars on roads that were never built for such large volumes of traffic. TfN wish to change that by making travelling on bus and rail a simpler, easier, and more attractive experience. A general overview of the Integrated and Smart Travel programme can be found on this factsheet, with more details on the other phases available here:

Throughout the innovation day, the large challenge of a multi-modal transport system for the North was broken down into smaller focused areas that could be approached separately, ultimately building the whole picture piece by piece.

#TravelHack2 is focused on fares data and the presentation of that data to customers. There is currently no national data standard for fares in the UK. The Bus Services Act should help with this but in the meantime, TfN have a vision to create a fares dataset for the North. This can then be used by local authorities, transport operators, app developers, and anyone who wants to present fare information to customers.