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Virtual events - Live@ODILeeds

What is a Virtual Event Anyway?

With in-person events temporarily postponed due to health concerns, virtual event platforms took center-stage in 2020/21. If you’ve been online at all during the pandemic, you might have seen an ad promoting a virtual event. But "What is a virtual event anyway?"

Virtual events can be very similar to in-person ones, except they’re hosted over the internet rather than in a single physical location. Still, people show up at an appointed time, listen to speakers, watch product demos, share info and findings, network with each other... All the regular, in-person event experience, except online.

Virtual event content can also be recorded and made available to audience members after the event concludes. For example, most of ODI Leeds virtual events have been recorded and can be found on our You Tube channel.

How Do You Do It?

So now you are interested in putting on a virtual event how do you do it? We can help. Let us help take the stress and technical difficulties out of the way for you. Our team have taken their experience of designing and hosting innovative and diverse events in our innovation space and applied it to the emerging world of online events.

Introducing Live@ODI Leeds

We have been live streaming and putting our events on the web for a while now - so offering virtual events to others was a natural step for us. We have the expertise, experience and the technical kit to allow us to build a bespoke platform for virtual events, without the cost barrier of some of the more expensive platforms out there.

A virtual event is a bit different to Zoom, Teams or Hangouts because they provide a multitude of ways to engage with attendees, including waiting rooms, polls, Q&A, live chat, and more. They can also offer a permanent asset that exists on the web to be retained and referred back to.

We can build a variety of events for you from small, exclusive webinars to large get-togethers that include thousands of people from around the world. Basically, we’re talking about any virtual event that features one or more speakers and an audience that tunes in to listen and learn, but not necessarily speak themselves.

Our Process

First we listen to you and find out what you need - we have different options to suit different needs and the first step is a free consultation to find out what that is.

Then once we have a good idea we can start to build your bespoke production. This could involve a hub-page, branding, digital assets, speakers information, virtual chat room, etc. Using these we will create your virtual event - bespoke landing page, schedules, branding, auditorium for talks, captioning for accessibility, resource page, and ticketing. We will produce and edit these elements together into one seamless broadcast.

We will work with you through every step:

On the day itself we will be there throughout to run the operation and begin the analysis of how many people viewed and got involved.

We can help with everything involved in a virtual event production from branding, production, editing, pre-records, interviews, to just helping you to live stream a talk or record a webinar. Our aim is to support you along the way, with simple explanations, flexible solutions, technical expertise and innovative elements so that you can communicate with your audience successfully.

Our Promise

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Tech kit
  • Friendly and helpful team
  • Bespoke experience
  • Content to keep/share
  • Excellent communication and support

Get in touch

Planning your virtual event is only a phone call or an email away. We are a friendly lot and happy to discuss what you want to achieve with your event, whether that is 'translating' a physical event to a virtual one or being ambitious with your plans. Take a look at some of our case studies below.

Case Studies/Gallery

  • Screenshot of Northernlands 2 live event page
  • Screenshot of attendees list
  • Screenshot of Northernlands 2 front page
  • Screenshot of PlanetData2 page
  • Screenshot of Leeds Apprenticeship Festival page
  • Screenshot of Shoring Up page
  • Screenshot of Northernlands 3 page