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Yorkshire Water Leakage DMA 15-min Data - 2016/2017

Yorkshire Water records flows of water every 15minutes to each of the Distribution Management Areas (DMAs) across the region in litres/second. CSV files.

Area E1
Area E2
Area E3
Area E4
Area E5
Area N1
Area N2
Area N3
Area N4
Area N5
Area S1
Area S2
Area S3
Area S4
Area S5
Area W1
Area W2
Area W3
Area W4
Area W5

DMA Property Count
DMA to Postal Sector
Mains Repairs

Yorkshire Water Daily Acoustic Logger - 2018

Yorkshire Water has deployed a set of acoustic loggers to aid in the detection of leaks. Each logger is installed in a fixed location and switches on once a day to 'listen' to the flow on the water network. If a logger hears a sound that could be a leak then it will switch on more frequently to gather more data.
This dataset captures the average level (lvl) and spread (spr) of the noise measured on each day by each logger.

Acoustic Logger Data (Feb-May)
Leak Alarm Results