Calderdale Council Spending

An ODI Leeds project to visualise public body spending. Since October 2010 Calderdale Council have published transactions over £500 (excluding benefit payments and employee pay). This visualisation is a work-in-progress but let us know if it is useful.


The original data files are a little bit messy. Column headings vary with time. The precise names of beneficiaries vary. Council sections change name. We've attempted to deal with the (understandable) mess by grouping some beneficiaries that seem to be the same entity (we've added "[GROUPED]" to the name), colour-grouping council sections that appear to be quite similar, and mapping column headings that appear to be for the same thing. We've assumed Payment Date, Payment date, Date paid, Date Paid, and DatePaid all mean the same thing in the data files. We have used this date for each payment so, in the graph, some payments will appear in the months before the file they are listed in.

There will probably be some level of inaccuracy. Our visualisation isn't meant to be a replacement for actually checking the data yourself but is hopefully a handy way to get a good overview. If you spot anything obviously wrong, please let us know the problem and what would be correct. That way we can make this better.