Hex map of UK constituencies

We've created a (pointy-topped) hex map of UK parliamentary constituencies. We had to make some compromises. If you disagree, move the hexes around until you are happy (click on a hex you want to move then click on an empty hex). Make sure to save the resulting HexJSON file so you have your version for the future (it can be read with this tool). You can also save the map as a scalable vector graphic (SVG).

Colour by:

Other versions

Leeds-based mapping company parallel have created an extruded 3D view that can be rotated to prioritise the focus and a view showing majorities. Leeds-based developer Daniel Wright has also created a 3D view using three.js which currently shows votes by party, electorate size, and gains. Oli Hawkins has created a plugin to read HexJSON files with D3.js. Giuseppe Sollazzo‏ has created an election swing viewer using the map and the D3 plugin.