IoTUK Nation Database (BETA)

The IoTUK Nation Database brings together a snapshot of the current state of the businesses and organisations that make up the Internet of Things sector in the UK. We've created the database using open data and the power of "the web of data" to collate and cross-reference information from a variety of sources. You can find a snapshot of the dataset on Data Mill North or get an overview with the interactive visualisation we created below. An API is coming soon.

In the visualisation below, Organisations shows the number of entities we identified as active in the IoT space. These entities have registered addresses in the UK and could be a registered business, a government organisation, or an academic institution. For registered businesses, Revenue is, where available, the total turnover of that business provided to Companies House (this will include non-IoT activity). Staff shows an estimate of the number of staff employed by that organisation. For some organisations we have identified the IoT-specific projects they are involved with. Where the data are available, we have included the amount of Investment provided to the organisation for those projects.

The database will be updated every 6 months. If you think a specific organisation is missing, please let us know the details for the next update.

By sector

Organisations grouped by sector[reference]. Organisations spanning multiple sectors are included in their primary sector only. See the data for full listings.

    By location

    To show where organisations are located, we've created a hexagonal heatmap representation of statistical regions[reference]. This aims to give the same visual weight to areas with roughly similar populations (150,000 - 800,000). The stronger the colour of a hexagon, the more organisations are in that region. You can also switch to a geographic representation.

    By founding year

    Organisations founded per year. Organisations founded before 1960 are included in the 1960 column.

    By revenue

    Organisations by revenue. Organisations with unknown revenue are included in the left-most column. The right-most column includes all revenues above that value.

    By size

    Organisations by size. Large organisations have turnovers over £500M. Mid-size organisations have turnovers between £25-500M[reference]. SMEs have turnover less than £25M. Micro organisations have turnovers under €2M and fewer than 10 employees[reference].

    NUTS3 geographic boundaries for England & Wales contain National Statistics data and OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017.
    NUTS3 geographic boundaries for Scotland and Northern Ireland © EuroGeographics

    If you know of missing organisations, please follow this link to let us know.

    This is a DataCity product. Visualisation by ODI Leeds & Bloom Agency © CC-BY 4.0 2017