LoRaWAN Mote at ODI Leeds

As part of Things Leeds & Bradford, we've installed a LoRaWAN gateway at ODI Leeds. As an end-to-end test of an Internet of Things device - from sensor to data visualisation - we purchased a Microchip Mote from Leeds-based Farnell. The mote is powered by two AAA batteries. It sits in our space providing regular temperature and light readings via The Things Network to a NodeRed instance (hosted by York-based Bytemark) where we process it and make the last 1000 readings available via this page and the full data set as raw CSV on Github.

Temperature readings
Light readings. We have also visualised these as a stacked plot along the lines of the famous plot of pulsar PSR B1919+21.

Having been working since January 2017, the mote generally runs for 14 days on two AAA batteries.

The graphing library was written by Stuart Lowe who works on data projects at ODI Leeds.